Dr. Chinedu Ndubuisi

Dr. Chinedu Ndubuisi

Non Executive Director
Dr. Chinedu Ndubuisi brings to Centdoor his wealth of experience in the areas of in entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and stakeholder management. He is also the current Chairman of Cocean Group and serves on the board of several local and foreign companies including Lalor Oil and Gas Limited, Cocean Farms Limited, and Samtee Essentials Limited.
Chinedu is a trained Medical Doctor and an Elective Postgraduate in Clinical Radiology from Kings College London School of Medicine, UK. He is a strong believer in empowering communities via sustainable infrastructure delivery and through his involvement with ESERC & SWEWP, has continued to enable life-changing undertakings including Water Supply, Rural Electrification, Health Care Centre builds, and Renovation of Schools in rural communities.
  • Experience :
    10 Years
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    UK, England
Experience 92%
Development 75%
Engineering 80%
Advisory 60%

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Dr. Ndubuisi believes that there are many aspects of the economy of Nigeria which are untapped, his greatest desire is an adventure into the exploration of these areas and achieving desired results. Chinedu is blessed with a beautiful wife and three children.

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