Procurement Services

Our Supply Chain is Robust

Network Equipment

With our strong partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) across the Telecommunications, Energy and Infrastructure space, we are able to source all varieties of Network, Construction and Energy Equipments in record time.

Power Equipment

We provide full end-to-end procurement services on a never-promise-and-fail basis and we are able to deliver virtually all telecommunications & engineering services equipment and devices at the right time, quality and cost..

Civil Equipment

The main objective of Centdoor’s procurement process is to maximize the value of investments on behalf of the owner. Procurement is made according to a process that ensures safe delivery of goods and services at the right price, at the right time and at the right quality. In order for this to go as planned, procurement must be considered during the early stages of projects by setting up a procurement plan (procurement strategy) and by selecting the tender form for individual items of the project from the start.

Procurement Advisory Services

At the tender stage of projects, Centdoor’s procurement consultants prepare the tender documents, oversee the tendering process and opening of bids. The most qualified contractors/suppliers/OEMs are selected and contracts made. At the execution phase, contracts are administrated by procurement consultants at Centdoor, which means monitoring the work rate and payments, and making sure it is in compliance with contracts. In addition, all change management of contracts goes through the procurement team in a structured way. At project completion, the final settlement is made with the contractor on behalf of the buyer.