Value Added Services

Games & Applications

  • AppZoo: is an aggregation of popular apps on the Internet in one place.

  • Game for Kids: is a collection educative, engaging, and calculative games.

  • Mobile device insurance and mobile device backup.

  • The Branded Game store: is a collection of interesting games for all age groups and interests.

Call Plus Services

  • Caller ID: This services provides subscribers (Caller) with an opportunity to set a display Name, short greetings, company names and/or adverts etc.

  • Create Your Own Tariffs: This service provides subscribers the ability to define their personal tariff plans/packages for Data, SMS and Calls.

  • The Background Music: A more enjoyable and fun phone conversations, with background music and audio “smileys” .

  • The Karaoke: Provides subscribers with a list of music tracks designed for Karaoke with no voice during a call .

  • Voice Modulation: This service uses a mobile App to separates Contacts into TRUSTED, UNTRUSTED, and BLOCKED Categories

Infotainment Services

  • News Cafe: is an infotainment service built as a one-stop shop to provide top local and international news headline from all major news channels available on-the-go.

  • Health Life Style Series : The service is focused on changing lives by providing guide to combat and eliminate most of life style diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attack, obesity, digestive problems, arthritis through guided nutritious intake. .

  • Disease Management & Care: This service educates in detail and with easy steps on ways to identify, manage, prevent and contain spread of diseases and other contagious medical conditions that are particular to our continent. .