Special Projects

Site Audit
  • Some of our site audit activities include:
  • Road access
  • Site equipment inventory & data record
  • Picture panorama
  • Site descriptive layout sketch
  • Expansion/Upgrade proposal
  • As-built drawing
  • As-built Drawing with proposed expansion/upgrade layout


Monthly reports must be submitted on or before 10th day of the succeeding month, Reports must be produced for each site according to agreed template with client. Summary report must also be submitted on a regional basis

All Reports must include:

  • Condition of all site sub system
  • Photos of all sub systems in poor state of repair
  • Highlight of all sub systems in critical state of repair
  • Highlight on all threats to the Environment and Regulatory violations
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Evaluation of regions based on agreed KPIs

Indoor Coverage Solution (IDS)

We also offer indoor solutions that takes advantage of the fast growing technology. This include:

  • Fiber optics cabling for broadband TV
  • Fiber Optics Internet solution

Power Solution( Hybrid, IPMS & Utility )

Our superior power solutions offering include :

  • Generator supply and installation ( 10KVA/ 17.5KVA/ 20KVA/ 40KVA/60KVA, 100KVA/ 120KVA)
  • Hybrid power solution integration & maintenance
  • Power equipment manufacturing, assembly and installation
  • Site Electrical works
  • Air-conditioner supply and installation.
  • Environmental alarms monitoring installation.
  • Battery Bank / Rectifier Module Maintenance Services
  • Earthing system maintenance
  • Monitoring & Alarm systems
  • PHCN installation and management
  • Efficient energy monitoring solution
  • IPMS solutions
  • Waste to energy conversion
  • Waste recovery Solution
  • Aviation and Security light supply and installation.
  • PLC/AMF Programming

  • Decommissioning of BTS, Microwave with accessories and backhauling to designated warehouse in properly labeled crates.
  • Before and after snap shot of decommissioning exercise taken and properly labeled